Aus Brighton (UK): 'The Recovery Positon' + 'Paul Diello' im Hafenbahnhof am Do 28.11.13

Wann? 28.11.2013 20:00 Uhr

Wo? Hafenbahnhof, Große Elbstraße 276, 22767 Hamburg DE
The Recovery Position aus Brighton, U.K. (Foto: Pressefoto The Recovery Position)
Paul Diello aus Brighton, U.K. (Foto: Pressefoto Paul Diello)
Hamburg: Hafenbahnhof | KONZERT

‘The Recovery Position’ & 'Paul Diello'– BRIGHTON (UK)

The Recovery Position

A volatile carbon based life form conceived in the dark arches scene, Leeds UK. An elastic fusion of Reid’s melancholic melody and Heron’s beats forced an amalgam of “Angst fuelled light and shade”. Labelled as "Indie Hurricanes“ on the Streets of London and "A big energy Hybrid of London & New York Indie” on the stages of Berlin. The Recovery Position’s primal pulse and habitat can only be live, projecting the resolute urgency of now.

TRP are set to send ripples through the musical ether this year as they bolt out of the studio to play UK and EU dates and festivals. Building to the release of their debut album 'The Cold Silence'. Completed at Abbey Road in the hands of Geoff Pesche acclaimed for his work with, The Drums, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Gorillaz and Dizzee Rascal. Featuring EU single ‘Pulling Teeth’ and a collaboration single with Indie / Folk star ‘Heather Nova’. This incendiary two piece are finally escaping the studio and heading back to their natural habitat on the road. Kicking off next with EU press dates for their forth coming single ‘The Cost’ with album tours hitting the road in 2014.

“Original, lyrical gems from the tortured heart of a Northern soul” – Katy Noone, BBC Radio (UK)
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Paul Diello

It was on a midsummers evening, at some charity fundraising event when Madonna and David Bowie got to talking. They were feeling mischievous and decided that their magic could be stretched further and wider than just the top ten. So they planned to create a life. In their giant cauldron they started throwing in ingredients left, right and centre. A handful of Elton John's piano keys and a sprig of Alison Moyet's warm tone, a sprinkling of Jimmy Somerville's campness and an ounce of Rufus Wainwright's theatrics. They threw in 2lbs of Kate Bush's storytelling and a pinch of Antony Hegarty's melancholy. They finished off with a squeeze of Eddie Izzard's dry wit and the zest of Depeche Mode's darkness. The marvellous mixture bubbled away spitting out high notes and beautiful sounds until suddenly, out stepped a wonderous figure. It looked around the room then joined the party. No one had seen or heard of this creature before but it was quickly decided by Madonna and David that it's name was Paul Diello. And as it sat at the piano and sang to the crowd that night, no one's lives would ever be the same again......

You Lose- album version
Crime Scene-

You Lose- album version


Einlass 20:00, Eintritt 9 EUR Abendkasse
VVK 7 EUR zzgl. VVK-Gebühr bei Theaterkasse Schumacher
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